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Many look to Storm to cut through oil and create supreme entry
angle, but not every situation requires maximum ball motion. In fact,
shorter oil patterns and drier conditions can be as equally as
challenging as a lane with oil backed up to the head pin.
Balls in the urethane classification can be sensitive to the weight blocks put inside them. The
perfect position of the RG, the proper amount of differential, symmetric vs asymmetric – these
all play a vital role in the motion in this type of ball. Dialing in the precise measure of each was
no easy feat, but we were up to the challenge. Urethanes are meant to bring back the breakpoint
to control shorter patterns. But when the RG is too low, the end result is simply too much of a
good thing. The higher RG, medium differential Tour Block weight block keeps the Fast Pitch
reading the lane exactly where its needed.
Controll XL is making its debut on the Fast Pitch, bringing the performance characteristics
between the Pitch Black™ and the Pitch Purple™. The Pitch Black reigns supreme as the
hook/set type of reaction with the Pitch Purple being the cleaner and more angular option. The
Fast Pitch blends the line between early read and entry angle making it the most versatile Pitch
series ball to date.









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