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Storm Fight


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With 25 years of manufacturing and R&D experience, Storm has been a growing and thriving company dedicated to serving bowlers across the globe. In fact, the Storm name still continues to grow throughout the world today.

We are ‘The Bowlers Company™’ for a reason— we are vigilantly looking out for our customers’ best interests each and every day. We work hard crafting unique and special products which help you, the bowler, knock down more pins and achieve higher scores. And we’re sure you’ll see the benefits of this consistent effort the very minute you get your hands on the ferociously innovative Fight™.

The pins aren’t always going to willingly lay down for you. Sometimes they put up a fight. So in development of our new Fight bowling ball, we explored some engineering concepts related to corevolume, and were able to show through testing that this concept worked in creating a different break pointposition and shape. The difference with the Iron Cross™ weight block is that it is the largest weight block Storm has ever developed. And while it was challenging to create this much flare potential in a design which retains this much axis rotation, we’re confident you’ll see the benefits.

Materiaal: R4S Solid Reactive RG: 2.62
Gewichtsblok: Iron Cross Diff: 0.043
Bal afwerking: 3000 abralon Int.Diff
Kleur: Black/Turquiose/Violet Verkrijgbare gewichten: 12-16 pond
Hardheid: 73-75 REX
Flare Potential: 7½-12½ cm Geur: Candy Apple
Lbs. RG Diff. WeightBlock
16 2.60 0.044 Click to View Larger
15 2.62 0.043 Click to View Larger
14 2.58 0.042 Click to View Larger
13 2.59 0.045 Click to View Larger
12 2.65 0.035 Click to View Larger






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Gewicht 10000 g


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