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Challenging lane conditions can unnerve even the most seasoned of bowlers, causing them to grow timid when trying to determine where and how to play the lanes. That doesn’t sound like very much fun to us, so to combat that problem, we bring you the Marvel Maxx Black, a ball that will give you the confidence to stare down and aggressively attack whatever oil pattern is thrown your way.
This dark beauty pairs proven technology with new science which is a must for any tournament bowler. The Marvel Maxx Black is here to give you a surplus of performance benefits. How can you go wrong?
The 1500-grit polished NRG Pro Solid coverstock will give you the control needed to attack each shot with confidence, knowing that you’re going to get just enough skid to push through the front part of the lane cleanly without sacrificing the traction needed to control the midlane and break point. Oh, and let’s not forget about the icing on the cake… blackberry as that is the fragrance that makes the Marvel Maxx Black smell as good as it looks and rolls!
Since its inception, the Centripetal Core has proven itself a winner, matching up well for all types of bowlers on all sorts of conditions. As such, we figured we’d let you take it for another spin, this time inside the Marvel Maxx Black. With its extremely low center of gravity and cascading channels, the Centripetal core provides stability and forgiveness, allowing you to maintain mid-lane control and count on a smooth, yet powerful, change of direction. With such a sweet combination of power and control at your fingertips, you’ll be in attack mode each and every frame.











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