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Storm Torrent Rush


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The versatility of the Booster HV (high volume) Core is evident in its design. This large, confidence inspiring weight block is designed for bowlers that need extra hitting power. This engineering helps drive the radius of gyration higher while producing a generous amount of flare potential. The R2S formula sets Storm apart from the rest. Found on many of the most successful balls in history, such as the Hy-Road™, R2S glides through the early part of the lane with no shortage of backend reactivity. Speaking of Hy-Road, you are then likely asking yourself “How does the Torrent Rush compare to the Hy-Road?” Due to the difference in the weight block designs, the Torrent Rush will be a touch cleaner to the break point, offering a more controllable motion.












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Gewicht 10000 g


Carry down

Bal Karakter

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